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I know Julian, I know, very bad indeed

Because I was building a few ESP's at one point, I took the time (and pain) to split everything into secrets and include files. So I don't need to think about anything that needs to stay private and standard things like my gateway, dns, MQTT broker, etc are all just done once.

Now a new device is just a copy of something similar, a couple of tweaks and build.


You remember all discussions about video surveillance, cameras, rtsp etc etc?

Anyway this is the little wemos device I have with the configuration above. It is the impressive c3 mini version with a light intensity sensor attached (a protype is shown below, the active one is positioned in an outside re-used IP54 wall lamp housing).

I use the measured & smoothed (day)ligt illumination to modify some settings in my camera system. I can in this way improve the cameras night vision. The cameras do have ir led's but I found out that by increasing/changing some param values during night, the vision is improved a lot

The graph below show the measured and smoothed illuminance during the day/night. I have 3 operation modes with their respective threshold levels; night, transition and day

So far works great; time and season independent, takes care of variations in weather conditions like cloudy or sunny weather


I have something similar but the sensor is attached to the window of my Office. Unfortunately, the sensor seems to have died recently, I need to get a replacement as I don't think I've any more in stock.

I popped this Light Sensor (same as above) (£2.68 + VAT) in my basket late time I was shopping at CPC.

I tend to use the digital BH1750's. £1 from China (and the shipping is cheaper than CPC as well!)


The nice features are:

  • i2c so simple to wire
  • Outputs Lux directly.

I used it to fill-up my basket to the magical £20, so I got FREE delivery.

PS: I'll have to get some BH1750 on my next AE order.

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Yes, I need to do an order but I can never remember what I want and there is far too many goodies to chose from when you start browsing!!

BTW, found the BH1750 for £0.66 + VAT & shipping


7-day delivery.

One good thing though with this kind of "techno-shopping", not as costly as when your life companion is downtown, not restricted to window shopping only


Actually going to order a couple of these which look interesting though a little more expensive:


Realised that I need some GoPro stuff so going to bulk up the order a bit with those.

Hey - stop it now!

I don't need anything, but .....


I'm so weak-willed that after reading about the items above I had to do an impulse-buy...


Yes, my 2 £1 sensors turned into a £45 purchase! But, hey, at least I got free shipping (which would have been £1.99)!! :woozy_face:

But at least I finally got a proper case for my GoPro along with another battery and a portable charger and a rucksack mount. Should all arrive before the Finland arctic circle holiday coming up. :smirk:


I'm also testing this as it is very useful :slight_smile:

Reading seem to work OK (just testes some variables).

Writing is not working for me, below you can see how I do it.
What I observe is, that something is transmitted, because on HA I see that the value goes to zero but not the supposed 30.

Any idea why?

I've bought so much stuff from AE that is sitting on my desk or in boxes waiting to see the light-of-day.
Think I might draw up a list of all the 'kit' and add it as a codicil to my Will for my grandsons to inherit.


I'm wondering what value my relatives will keep when inheriting my collection of "stuff" ??

""he was a bit silly, wasn't he? All those wemos sitting here and everywhere, hidden, have you now found them all?"


answer below.

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Absolutely ! I don't remember that you had a lighting control system: great!
Thanks to your .yaml it works now :handshake: !
I think the api: was in the wrong place...?

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"What are we going to do with all this? We can't throw them away? It brings back so many memories: he spent so many hours on it ! How many times we waited for him for dinner!" :rofl:


No - but more than happy to look at a Pull Request.