Announce node-red-contrib-math


Thank you so much for this node :slight_smile: just what i needed :smile:


Hi all, I'd always planned to add a date/time calculator node to moment. Of course, I'm always happy to receive pull requests :wink:

As it stands, you can do a simple +/- adjustment to the input date/time using the moment node. That works well if you need to know the input date + 30 days or whatever.

Please let me know - in a new thread - if you would like to see other calculations available.


And don't forget that there is already the node-red-contrib-moment-humanizer node to help interpret time spans from/to human-readable strings... e.g. "2 hours ago", "next week", etc.


Actually, there is a humanizer node in node-red-contrib-moment as well - written by someone else but he contributed it to my node.


Ah, yes, that is the one I was thinking about... the humanizer node inside your module, not a separate module.