Best way to integrate Ffmpeg in Node-RED

Yes, might be, maybe has some better data error correction mechanisms, maybe depends on the brand and type, anyway, for me this is just a first testing step to boot from USB at all using an RPi3, I am planning to move over to use a SSD, the stick was what was available right now :wink:

And I have two clones of the same, the original SD card and a full duplicate, just in case something would happen...

When I would buy a Raspberry 4, is there anything I should be aware of when I purchase an (USB3) SSD disc? Not sure whether all types allow continious writes at the same location (e.g. input images for ffmpeg).
And about the size of the disc. Does anybody have some guidelines/experience about that? When I have N camera's with resolution AxB and want to store N minutes of video footage (as mp4 I assume?), how large does the disc need to be?
Thanks again!

This question seems easily to be solved, since there are plenty of online storage calculators. Like e.g. this one, where you can enter all the info of your camera's...

Dear Bart,
Yes, with the RPi4 there are still certain things to watch out for. One is the SSD Disk controller if it is supported, another is that the sd card is still needed but just for the initial startup during boot. The size of the disk is, as you know, depending on how much you want to keep recorded. Eventually you will choose to record at full speed only when there is something interesting detected, i. e. event triggered recording

I have enjoyed looking at this very informative video by Mr Andreas Spiess, where he is explaining in detail those things and also how to setup a RPi4 to boot via SSD on USB. Really helpful I think

Thanks Walter, can you explain this a bit more in detail. I wanted to buy this one, but would be awful if it shouldn't work on a new Raspberry pi 4 ...

Hi Bart, I think such a nice SSD will work, it was just in the video, Andreas talks about this and he is referring to some table listing compatible devices. But a Samsung SSD, I would be surprised if it is not recognized when connected to the USB

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