Bug in function editor (Cannot redeclare block-scoped variable)

Might lend a clue to the randomness of it
Likely needs a bit off tweaking :man_shrugging:

Can see an error on importing that node - but nothing that reports the lint error you are seeing.


Opening, pressing return (anywhere) and pressing done clears the error.

I can't find a way that re-introduces an error.

Bug filed...

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Yep, I remember the pain of working around that when I added Monaco editor.

It's likely something has changed over the years and the flakey work around of detecting the editor being out of focus and switching models is a bit broken.

Not looking forward to digging into it. Thanks guys.


Sorry for that... :innocent:
Luckily it's only an annoying bug - either choose different variable names for exact same data points or be prepared to acknowledge the error messages. But it's not causing any functional issues.
For me the prio is not too high, I've gotten used to it. I still wanted to raise it though.

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