Caravan automation project suggestions

Ok on typing in:
$ mkdir .mosquitto replies - cannot create directory .mosquitto: read only file system

I tried:
$ ls replies - cannot open directory : permission denied

It doesn't seem to like any Linux style commands

Are you doing this on the phone? Looking back at my notes I use ssh to connect to it and was able to do everything from my laptop.

cd /data/data/com.termux/files/home
to see if that gets you do the right place.

Seems like a strange editor when used on the phone! Edit: hold on just noticed the file already exists sorry. Can I create a folder and create a file using this editor? I'm not sure

What is in the folder?
ls .mosquitto/
If the conf file is already there then you should just be able to add the new bit on the end. I installed the editor nano.
pkg install nano
but again I did everything through ssh rather than on the phone.

ls .mosquitto doesn't return with anything, no list just a $ prompt.

Will try to ssh to the phone as working on a small touch screen is a real pain.

So the folder exists but is empty, so you should just be able to create the conf file.

I went down the Raspberry pi zero 2 W route in the end and enabled it's hot spot to set up a small local network. I was going around in circles trying to use Termux on the Android phone. I may come back to it at some later date though. Thanks for everyone's help especially Colin as you've helped me out a few times in the past and I'm very grateful.



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