Creating SCADA-like user interfaces using uibuilder and

I have figured out a way to create SCADA-like interactive synoptic interfaces for Node-RED using the toolkit combined with the UIBuilder node.
With this method, it is possible to create rich SVG displays marked up with tagged animations just like in real SCADA software.

See my article here:


Hi. Taking nothing away from the outstanding good work of @TotallyInformation or your use of it to create a HMI (something I wish more people would do to finally oust the likes of wincc, ifix, cimplicity, rsview and all the other hugely over priced scada applications) i did a demo during development of our (@BartButenaers and myself) new SVG node for dashboard (forum post / Github readme page )

This was a simple demo I did using the databinding capabilities...

The source flow for that demo comes in the samples when installed.

A couple of benefits I see over this product you're demoing (from my opinion)...

  • This is free (though we do accept GitHub stars and a beer if you ever meet myself or Bart) :+1:
  • It has a built in online SVG editor (i.e. web based, online) :+1:

This is a great solution indeed, Steve.
Easy to use, and well integrated workflow!

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My apologies if my post feels a bit negative, I truly meant to take nothing away from your achievement.

I hope anyone looking for SCADA/HMI functionally find your excellent post most useful.

And thanks for the kind words.


Wow! Great to see such a use for uibuilder, many thanks for sharing. :heart_eyes:

Steve, also great to see alternatives. This is what Node-RED is all about. Even I use different tools for different reasons. Of course I'll reach for uibuilder but I happily still use Dashboard for simple prototypes where it makes sense. uibuilder simply gives another alternative.


Not negative at all, Steve, you have pointed out a great solution I haven't found.
I am very interested in the SVG editor project.
By the way, as you mentioned SCADA packages let me mention my OSHMI project,100% free and open-source SCADA project:

All those great open-source tools can help us achieve so much more!

Thanks Julian,
Having options is really important!
And UIBuilder is awesome!

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