Dashboard: set group visibility hidden on connect

I use a single Tab with 3 groups (login, view and control) on my dashboard. When somebody opens the dashboard first time all groups are visible. But the 'control' should be hidden. Only after inserting the password in the 'login' the 'control' group should be visible and the 'login' hidden.
How can I on connect set a group hidden?

Welcome back jsail. I understand that why nobody answered this question, since it has been asked several times :rofl:

Here is the link to your solution:

Hope that it helps.

Thank you davidz. It worked fine now. My wish was actually to make one group only accessible by password. Since the web of node red is running on the server, everyone can see the 'hidden' group as soon as I use it. I will now have to build a separate website for it...

Yes you are right about this issue. For this case, a multi-user interface will be ideal.

Just hiding tabs should never be considered security. The dashboard is a single page application so all the data is there if someone wants to dig.

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