Eztimer programming errors, timer won't start

I am using the latest code, there is a flow at the top of this entry I can re-post but seems like it would be redundant. Several others reproduced the issue so I'm pretty sure there is an issue.

Also, prepared to deal with the power off, program gone issue.

OK, stand by. I was NOT on the latest build so please let me look at this again before you go to any trouble.

One more thing with your flow I have - I notice, after playing with it more, that you're using the duration input to alter duration - for this to function as expected, you need to change the node 'off' type to 'duration' rather than 'time of day' or 'sun event'. After doing that, I was able to use your UI slider to dynamically change the duration either for the next event (if off) or for the current event (if on).

At which actual point (when you give it what input) does it error for you?

Lesson learned. It appears - superficially at least - that it is now working. At least it's accepting commands. I'll have to test quite a bit further before I'm totally confident but it's not giving any errors now Thanks for the responses.

Good news - thanks for posting. Let me know if you find anything.


So, here is what I'm trying to do and seem to be confused. I want to set the time to start at a time I input via the UI. The output from your timer is then used to start a series of events. I want to be able to select individual days of the week. I need the timer to fire an output of only a few seconds then turn back off. This event will be for one time of the day in the selected days.
So, on Monday I want the timer to output at 8 am one pulse of say 5 seconds then turn off till the next selected day. What would be settings in your node?
I think I'm starting to figure out your node and I like the basic concept, just need to fine tune my thinking.

After a play date with the node I think I have working the way I need. I like the basic concept of the node and the way to turn on/off days. Not as intuitive as I would have liked but does the job I need to do. Thanks to the dev for his prompt replies.

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Hmm, that might be the start of your issue I'm afraid. The library is generated automatically by and large. Just because a package exists doesn't mean that it works or that it works well.

Clearly there are not many people in this forum using it. The library has a star rating and you could raise an issue on the github repo.

I've seen worse reasons :slight_smile:

Woah there cowboy, steady on. There are a lot of us here who have spent countless hours of our personal time helping others of all abilities and knowledge levels.

But we all have limited time and energy so have to pick and choose what to spend time on. That you wish to expand your knowledge by working with this node is great - but that doesn't mean that we wish to do the same.


You are correct, sometimes frustration does creep in.

Did you take a look at light scheduler as suggested ? You don't have to program anything, just visually select the day/timeframe.

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I have not looked at that node as a primary criteria is it must be done via the UI. My wife has to be able to set the schedule and I had used another node in my first program (I can't recall the node now) that also couldn't use a UI. Needless to say the wife absolutely threw a fit about having to use a programmer and all. The sad part of it is she was absolutely right. Because I couldn't or wouldn't make it a user friendly interface was no reason for her to have to put up with it. So, I'm having to modify the program to make it user friendly.

The last couple of posts in the following thread for Steve's new cron-plus node shows that Lena and Steve are working on this.

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I'm certain he would have had it done by now had he used node-red-contrib-cron-plus.

The built in documentation and the built in importable example shows how to create schedules via a msg input.

This msg could easily be created from a dashboard.

No offense to the author of the ez node intended (I haven't used it) I'm sure it's a perfect fit for many things.

Yes, we just need a good example to use :wink:

Perhaps this could help ?
Various projects can be found on github to create an userinterface.

I was thinking of something that would pass the family-friendly test :slight_smile: However, that is a starting point. I think that Lena was saying she had something that might be wrangled to usability.

I have indeed, though it’s more like a sketch on paper I still have to turn into an interface. From there on it’s usually a day or two before I’ve something working. Won’t be today that I can show a rough example; working on food experiments in the kitchen rather than node-red experiments today.

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No need. One of the functions of the node is "describe". You can send a control message to cron-plus node and get back a human readable description. It's all there in the built in help and importable example flow.

I did a sample back home where a text input "on change" triggered a control msg to "describe" the expression and fed that back to a ui_text. All fairly simple.

I think what @bakman2 was suggesting was to use something like that for a configurable interface on dashboard level so you won’t have to dive into the flow/node configuration to edit the schedule when cron-plus already allows you to send schedule changes through a command :slight_smile:

This however makes that even better. Amazing node, once again!