Graph or chart for real time variables

I am very new to the node-red world. I want to create a graph between two real time variables. I do not want time axis. In place of time axis I want to use real time data from the sensor. For example pressure vs Temperature Graph.

If you send a single point at a time it is assumed to be time based. You can instead send a complete array of points - this is usually used to preload / reload the graph... but can be used to do and x/y plot instead.

if a send a complete array of points then it will no longer a real time data. I want to take take the data from the sensor and directly plot

take a look in the flows library - I put a sample in there - EXAMPLE: How to create a Bubble chart (can be used as basis for scatter plot too) one of the graphs updates with dynamic data. It might give you some ideas.

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Can you please show me how Can I do in x/y plot