How do I set Hue Light brightness, color etc?

I have created a simple flow that lights one of my Hue bulbs. I would like to be able to specify the brightness and color and if possible make the light flash as well.
I suspect I am supposed to put something in the "data" field of the node but have no idea what.
Appreciate any clues.

Perhaps you could provide us with clues which node you are referring to and what your flow looks like.

OK, sorry. I just have a simple Event:State that is triggered by a motion sensor, going to a Call Service that turns on my Hue light.
In the Call Service node, under Data I have "brightness": 255, and that works fine but when I try to set the color, "rgb_color": "165, 76, 255" I get an error "Call-service API error. Error Message: None for dictionary value @ data['rgb_color']"

I hope that makes sense, very new at this.

As an option have a look at node-red-contrib-huemagic

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It sounds like you are using home assistant, not everyone here is using that. You may want to refer to the documentation of the home assistant nodes on how to send messages back to home assistant (and in what format).

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