How to fix maximum screen size for a Node-RED Dashboard?

Respected Concerned One,

How can one fix the maximum width of the canvas of the dashboard such that the widgets are not allowed to flow out of that container width set. For example if a maximum screen size is of an Table PC, the node-red dashboard widgets pixelate based on that size?

Would that be possible?

As in case of totally responsive layout without restricting rules for different sizes the dashboard widgets take automatic positioning which might distort the actual intent of positioning those widgets.

Thank you in advance!

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Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat

you can override the css to force the width if you like. for example add a ui_template with something like this. Set it to add to the head section.

.masonry-container {
    width: 800px;
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Hi @dceejay,

Thank you for your reply that works, but the widget/group sizes are not relative to that.
Is there a way to set the group sizes relative to say they adapt themselves based on the masonary-container size?

For example, group A is 12 units in width and group B is 8 units both of them get enlarged or shrink based on the container size with the same ratio?

Thank you in advance!

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Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat

No, this dashboard uses a fixed grid size.

Respected @dceejay,

ok, thank you for the information!

Best Regards,
Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat

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