I need to get the RAW body from a listener node

Hi @knolleary
I already started extending the 21-httpin.js with an additional option to expose the rawBody (same concept with the body-parser's verify function) but it didn't work. The current solution works just by modifiing the settings.js so no patching of Node-RED itself was necessary. But when you have a way / idea how to deal with the admin interface i could make out a PR out with my extensions...

Cheers, Chris

Some late praise @chrisnie, great work! Exactly what i was looking for. Also the use case of verifying sha256-hmac of the request, for auth purposes. In the mean time, has any progress been made integrating this into NodeRED proper @knolleary?

No - this dropped off my radar and no-one else picked it up.

Alright, thx for the update!