Image analysis and comparison

i want to compare two images and detect the percentage difference between them. can this be done with node-red module?

Have you searched through the flows site for anything that might fit?

If you have and there isn't anything. The next step would be to look on the npm site to see if there are any Node.js packages that might fit the bill and then you can look at integrating them with Node-RED.

You will also need to know what you mean by percentage difference between images. Perhaps you already know that.

Hi @hathemi , did you advance with your project?
I am very interesing to achieve the same and I dont know how can I do it..


Hi @Colin ,
In my case, I would like to compare 2 images and know by percentage difference.
Imagine a photo of one pack with 24 cans, from above view and the same pack with 2 can less.... Is that what I would like to detect...
Some idea?

That is completely different to what this 10month old thread was asking. What you are wanting is not a pixel difference but an AI routine to tell you there are 24 cans or 22 cans.

Search the forum for tensorflow and recognition for initial ideas & give it a go.

I also recommend you start a new thread an state clearly what you are trying to achieve and what you have tried.