Looking for Node-RED developer for HMI solution

Dear Node-RED enthusiasts,
We are a start-up based in London building hardware to extract botanicals from flowers and other biomass. We work with high-pressure CO2 as a solvent which requires operating and controlling pumps, chillers, hydraulics etc. We also need to control the temperature and pressure of the process. To do all that we use microcontrollers (PLCs) with local low-level logic running there.

We are now looking to combine all the data from low-level PLC into an HMI running Node-RED SCADA. Hardware is likely to be Industrial Shields 10' HMI running raspberry pi os (or if 10' is too small, a DIN mounted version + external touch screen)

Basic functionality:

  • user login/password
  • reading variables from PLCs
  • writing variables into PLCs
  • very basic logic, e.g. set boundaries for user input variables, set a timer, set a safe shutdown sequence.
  • save pre-selected variables in a "recipe" so it is easy to load them later and run the same process again

The number of input variables from PLCs is under 50, and the number of output variables to PLCs is under 25.

We are working on a map of inputs and outputs and then will draft a basic sketch of the dashboard design.

We are looking for someone who previously built SCADA applications in Node-RED, ideally on Industrial Shields hardware. The team of Industrial Shields promised to give support to the developer. We would have done it ourselves, but our team has only basic knowledge of Ladder programming, which is not enough for Node-RED.

This project is relatively easy because it is a small system for a university with not much automation. For larger applications, we will look into hand-holding for an operator, check-lists, more automated sequential processes etc. I think it will be interesting for you.

Kind regards,
CEO of Nova Extraction Ltd.

Do you have preferences for geographic location, time zones etc?

Hi, No we do not. We will have several calls next week with three candidates in the UK (where we are based). If you would like to schedule a brief chat, can you drop me a line on anovitskiy AT novaextraction DOT com. Thank you!

Hi @AlexanderNovitskiy I just send you an email. Thank you!