Monitor the solar PV system or energy consumption by a bi-directional 3 phase energy meter in NodeRed

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Energy monitor in NodeRED and Monitor your solar pv system in Nodered - Community - IAMMETER

Smart Energy meter in nodered

Both single-phase energy meter and 3 phase energy meter are supported.

Monitor the solar pv system in nodered

Its good to see you are continuuing with the project and enhancing the software support also

Whilst the graphics etc look great - can you explain how you are able to monitor both solar production and energy to/from the grid with a single set of CT clamps ?

In my case i have 3 phase power with a 3 phase inverter for my solar and an AC coupled battery - i currently use an IOTAWATT for this

Using 12 CT Clamps and i am able to monitor Consumption, Grid+-, Solar and Battery

What configuration would i need to do the same with your system ?


Hi Craig:
we can also not monitor both solar pv production and grid consumption by just one ct clamp.
If you want to monitor the grid, solar inverter, and AC storage together, you need to install 3 energy meters.
If all of them are three phase, then all the energy meter should be 3 phase either.
like this

I do not know why you need 12 ct clamps.
In my opinion, 3 ct clamps ( three 3phase energy meters) are enough.
You just need to monitor the power of solar inverter output, grid, and AC storage, the grid consumption power can be calculated by the three powers.

This is some introduction about how to monitor the solar pv in the IAMMETER cloud.

OK thanks for the quick reply - i thought i was going to need 3 of your meters for this config.

This ends up being much more expensive than the IOTAWATT solution that i am currently using then.



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