Need help creating a percentage timer

mickym2 I could have, but that saves one line of code and adds wires and boxes in the tab..

var on_period = 60 * percent;

Still need to evaluate at 60 sec to ensure that 1 sec of "off" time if set to 100% as well.

I am not good with JS. I can only follow it, make little changes. But not like you and everybody else on this post that helped a stranger.

I think they solved this perfectly.

Thanks for being kindhearted.

Kind Regards.

All the why from.
Golden Valley, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
(Just to give you an idea on google maps.)

Hi Colin.
I have tried to install in one my home pi but get and error. My online Mqtt broker seems find, any idea..

Will it save the button status as well as the % timer so when system is rebooted it will continue

Yes. If you stop it it’ll begin where it was as well.

EAI_AGAIN is a DNS lookup timed out error, means it is a network connectivity error or proxy related error. Double check your network settings, or try again later.

Thanks, I solved it. bad config from my side. Trying to set static ip address. My router is set to static ip, however the PI keeps on changing every time the other device keeps it's ip just not the PI

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