Node-RED 3.x and Strict Mode JS

Hi Steve, short update. All the file url ".ts" were blocked from the firewall because recognized as "http-video". Now we allow it and it is working well. The problem is solved. There is still something strange that we didn't understand. As you see the image below I have this "comms" that stays in "pending". We didn't figure out. Everything looks good, the websocket are allowed and I don't even know what impact there is in the tool, because at the moment looks good. I don't know, I hope you can tell me more about that.
Anyway thanks a lot because without your help I will never found this issue.

I will open other topic because I still have other question and problem migrating from the old version to the new one.


Web sockets are required for the debug panel to work and for dashboard to work. Your installation will be limited without websocket access.

Hi Steve, for what I understood googling a bit, is that for Chrome and Edge is normal that the websocket remain in the status pending. That's again for your support

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