๐Ÿ“† Node-RED AMA session May 6th, 5pm BST, hosted by the OpenJS Foundation

I'd suggest something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7c-n4k3XrU (for the music) :wink:

What, rather than this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYCmv0zgjf0


Or this?

A start up sound for node red - but what does RED sound like?

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I really liked the stream!

First time I've actually heard you talk Dave :+1:


If it's still going after 36 years congratulations! Tell him it's an antique and needs to be played softly!

Hi Nick, Dave,
Unfortunately I was not able to attend the lifestream, but luckily there was a replay.
I was REALLY a joy to hear you guys talking about your project!!!
And very interesting to have some history about the project...
After half an hour suddenly my youngest son came downstairs, to tell me that I had forgotten to give him a goodnight kiss. Never happened before, so that is the biggest compliment I can give you for this video :wink:

Yes indeed. I have been following the grouping pull request already some time. But meanwhile I have never been thinking in any way about distributing those groups across devices. Creativity of the highest level. Got to love this kind of thinking :+1: :+1:

Wasn't aware that the 1.1 release is so near the release date, so I will need to hurry this week to finish my pull request ...


OMG I failed to attend ... :-/

I am user of Node-Red for 3 years now, still using it in Prod environment, before it was for Energisme and now , Node-Red is starting its debut in Bank and Finance sector. ( not as easy as in IoT but that's more a javascript problem and memory issue ). Hi knolleary and and dceejay :smiley:


I came late to the party (that's normal) but enjoyed attaching personalities to some of the pillars of the community. I plan on watching the replay. It would be great if this became a half-yearly kind of thing.

And I have been reading about Rapanui for a while now and would love to get one of their shirts to wear here in Texas.

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