Node-red-contrib-zwave-js V8 Baby!

Here it is...... V8 of node-red-contrib-zwave-js


  • 3+ Months
  • 120 Commits
  • 14 changed files
  • Various UI design discussions

i present the below change log


  • Dropped support for Node 12 (min required is now 14.13.0)
  • If you use the set method of the Configuration CC in CCAPI mode, the arguments must now have one object (see Github CL)
  • ValueAPI is now default on the CMD Factory node. If you have problems with this node after the update, please open it up, and select your API, then save.

New Features

  • Default scales can now be applied inside the controller config
  • Added ability to export/import node name & location maps
  • Implemented a Firmware Update Service, that allows to install Firmware on devices that have known updates - Please double click controller!
  • 2 new event types have been added : ALIVE, DEAD - these allow you to monitor if a device has been marked dead or alive accordingly.
  • Added a color chooser for color input types in the UI
  • Added a new Driver function getLastEvents
  • Device last seen timestamp is now shown in the UI
  • Node list now contains the date when the device was last seen.

Bug Fixes

  • Modal alerts are now rendering HTML content once again
  • Missing normalizedObject.label for Thermostat devices
  • Fix some data type odities in the UI editor
  • msg properties are now carried through the CMD Factory node


  • Current Value(s) who's type is an object have been changed to prompt for a double click in the UI
  • Association Management has been updated, and changes are now applied in batch.
  • For battery operated devices, certain UI actions now ask you to wake up said device before anything is comit
  • Various performance boosts in the UI
  • Bump ZWave JS to V10
  • Bump Winston
  • Bump ESlint

Sorry for the delay in updates - but never the less enjoy!

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