Node-Red CSV datatype

How can I make that my CSV File that my lines are formatted, because if i get data like "7.2" as float.
it makes me in the CSV btw. Excel 7. Feb, because it thinks automatically that its a date

If you open the file using a text editor rather than opening in excel what does it show?

it shows the 7.2 that i want to get in excel too..

So what change do you want to the CSV file? If it shows 7.2 then what change could be made to the CSV file that would fix the problem?
Is it not just a matter of telling Excel to format that column as a number not as a date?

I see you are asking how to transmit CSV to SQL in another thread.

Are you saving node-red values to CSV then trying to read the CSV into SQL?

Can you not just forget about CSV altogether? Just send data directly to database?

Regarding CSV - for starters, CSV is a rubbish format and has no real means of telling a database (or Excel) what format each data item is. Bottom line (IMO) use CSV ONLY when you are forced to, e.g. to support some other rubbish system or bad IS team who still believe it is 1995 and FTPing CSVs are the answer to all transactions.

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I get the data in my MSSQL.
Than I select it from this MSSQL to get a Backup File with the Logs in CSV. But If some entries doesn't change because the data don't changed already. It should not do me another entry in my CSV. So i want get a duplicate row in CSV.

Whats wrong with doing SQL DB backup using SQL methods?

Any how, if you want to dump a table and avoid duplicates then you probably need a flag in the table that you update to indicate the row has already been dumped to CSV.

e.g. after you backup, set a field in the table to indicate it has been backed up.
update mytable set [dumped] = 1 where some_field = some_criteria

then your backup would select select * from mytable where dumped != 1

Alternatively, if you have a sequential id column, keep a record of how far you have backed up and only select records > id

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