Node-RED Dashboard search command request



I would like to request if we can have search as an extra command/control item apart from what we have right now for example setting zoom level, or moving the map to particular geo coordniates.

So a typical case would be passing
msg.payload.command = {
search:"fast food court",

and the current view add this search value in search field along with moving the map to that particular marker and showing the popover content.

Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat


How would you propose handling multiple things that match ?
At the moment it jumps to each in turn with a short delay between moves.


Hi @dceejay,

Yes, I observed that and I think that is a nice way! Only thing that I can purpose more is that the search content and the field should be visible so the user can press the search icon again if he has missed the animation with a dynamic call to content!