Node-Red Integrate SDR Uno

Hi, i have a task to do , i need to show output of SDR Uno in node-red , I tried find the way but found dead end plus I'm new into coding world. Is it doable to integrate SDR Uno , below is my idea how the output , can anyone help me? , on the right panel is the output from SDR Uno , on the left panel is button when I click it , it will show the wave and data in SDR Uno

Have you tried a google search using sdruno node-red To see what you might find?

i did, and found thebaldgeek website and I refer to him , he said it cant be done since SDR Uno is not provide live video

so what does the SDR uno produce ?

it produces the radio signal, basically, it need an SDR receiver like SDR Play, a lot of channels can be access, for example, one of my team have the SDR Play device and it can receive the signal/radio from another team member that also has the SDR Play

So let me see if I understand. You want to find a device that will read the radio signals from SDR Uno and display the channel and graph the amplitude(??) in real time.

First you will have to figure out how to convert the SDR Uno signal to something digital, then send it into Node-RED. You will have to figure out that yourself.

My suggestion:
google node-red radio wave and see what people in that niche are doing.

It will be interesting to see what you develop.

alright, I'll try my best, thank you!