Node-Red Mqtt Node does not receive data . when I send message from javascript or my android app

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You are using an external broker (

  1. Do you have an account with them or are you using their test broker?
  2. Have you looked at their restrictions? i.e. do they allow you do do what you are trying to do?
    You might try setting up an account with and see if it works there.

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Dumb question:

Are both the Node-Red machine and the other device connected to the "interweb"?

Coz if one (or both) aren't..... Well.

And I am not really wanting to sound dumber than I am, but ok:
They both are.
They are on WAY DIFFERENT IP addresses.
Yeah, ok that's MQTT's problem. But how does it know where to send the messages?

I can't see the screen shots too good. If something is wrong in that part, it won't work.

If you can, I would set up a local MQTT device and try it.
But I guess it depends on what you are doing in the bigger picture.

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Try subscribing with a wildcard and see if you get anything

Today I observed even I used broker(dot)hivemq(dot)com host but node-red mqtt is send and receiving data from "localhost".
I used localhost in MQTTBox client tool and I can push data and receive data from node-red mqtt . any idea why it is not posting data to cloud that is broker(dot)hivemq(dot)com.
One more thing , I have Mosquitto Broker installed and as soon as I stop the service rod-red mqtt status turn into "connecting"

So Node-RED loses its connection to the broker and therefore tries to reconnect.
Which is what I would expect it to do

Good New , I found issue . Let me explain it for others .

  1. I had the Mosquitto Broker installed and I am using internet over organization VPN . Some how if MosquittoBroker service is running , Node-red Mqtt was sending the message to localhost even I gave the cloud url (why : I dont know ).
  1. When I made MosquittoBroker stop, Node-red Mqtt got disconnect . this time I was in VPN
  2. Once I switch over to my personal internet and disconnected VPN .. Hurrrrey .. every thing started working ... thanks all for your help and replies .