Node-RED World Map



As I am working with world map I am facing the following issue:

  1. I am correctly passing an array of markers to marked at the worldmap and when zoomed out to the maximum degree they show me the exact number of markers for example 20.

But when zoomed in I only see partial of them, and can#t locate other ones.

Any suggestions?

Probably the points or too close or so!

Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat



sorry - not sure what you mean - can't you zoom out to see them ?
or use the search to find them by name ?



When zoomed out I see a marker on the map showing that I have 20 points for example on the map and if I click it it shows the icons but if I zoom in then I can find all the 20 icons on the worldmap.

Secondly can we trigger dynamic search using Node-Red Worldmap?



That's called clustering. you can set the zoom level at which it occurs (or doesn't) - either in the config or in the menu.

What do you mean by trigger dynamic search ? trigger a search from the map ?



Did you possibly mean can't?



By triggerring a dynamic search I mean, can I I control the map by passing a command to search a marked Icon on the map. For example if I trigger a command dynamically with a message payload containing objects name and based on that the map is focused to that area(just as the normal ui behaviour in case where you type in the objects name in the search field instead)!!



Yes, I mean't I can't !



Are two of the markers on top of each other? If not then work out which one(s) are not showing and remove the ones that are working to hopefully get a clue about why they are not showing.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will have a look based on your suggestion!



Yes, I just figured out that the markers are above each other. Any workarounds or suggestions from a UI perspective?
As in the current scenario a user is totally lost?



Well that is what clustering is about - either you turn on clustering at an appropriate zoom level - and you can then see that there are x co-located points... or you do't and you have to reply on actual physical separation of the things. (and then zoom in a lot to see that if necessary). You can also turn on auto-pan which will move the last updated point to the centre of the screen... fine if not too many are updating... - awful if there is a lot of updates :slight_smile:

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I think @RohanAsmat means that the markers are at the same location so that no amount of zooming separates them.

@RohanAsmat if this causes a big problem then perhaps a solution is to prevent that happening in the first place, before the markers get setup on the map.

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Thanks for the information @dceejay!



Thanks for clearing it out @Colin.
Yes that was what I meant! That they are at the same location.