Nrlint install error

Oh I have it again (the behavior) but I don't know how :man_shrugging:

Mmm, it seems that not all nodes trigger nrlint - If I make an error in the debug node (ends with dot), the node doesn't have the "!"

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@knolleary Sorry to bother you again. Could you please take a look at this?

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It’s schools half term break here. I think Nick is on vacation this week.

A few hours of debugging later:

This code line in a function node

msg.payload = msg.payload +'\r';

causes nrlint to be trapped in an endless loop (or eslint to be more precise)!

I think this is Node red tab hogging the processor in the browser · Issue #36 · node-red/nrlint · GitHub

@knolleary, when you are back, I see that you closed that issue some time ago. Does that mean we should no longer see it?

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@knolleary are you able to comment on this?

Looks like we merged the fix but never published it. Will got a new version published today.

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Great, thanks.

Thank you very much! It´s working now.