Problema con un flow


mayse so is more clear

That looks like msg.payload.value[0] to me.

In that second example, Impostata looks like an array. If that is the case, you have to select a single value from that array.

i done so : return {payload : msg.payload.value[0]}; and i had the value correct to return tx , i have the last question how i can do setpoint value + incremento value cose i want send to s7 the result into a variabile of plc .and reset the value to 0 after sended i dont know if is possible ? my regards for the help

11/3/2022, 16:48:33node: 54b94ff099b2509fmsg : Object


topic: ""

name: "pippo"

_messageId: "f757f1d4-8ad5-4eb4-9fc1-964b10589634"

_endpointId: "40010"

_confId: "f53984de399d4e5b"

command: "AdjustBrightness"

extraInfo: object

payload: -2

acknowledge: true

_msgid: "49e9a160a7d9bf8f"

how i can see in dashboard this value ? -2 with a function ?

Not possible to do it within a function, you should use either a Dashboard text node, or a UIBuilder template.

Simplest way is to install the Dashboard nodes if you haven't yet, and take a text node. Check the documentation and the website, there are a lot of examples.

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