🎉 Refresh tokens in node-red-node-dropbox (Now published as v2.0.0)

Ah yes, now I remember.
My last proposal above to have the node always to use localhost, was pure nonsense...

As @Frida already experienced, the hostname in the dropbox redirect_uri must match the hostname used to access the flow editor.

  1. If you want to use localhost in your redirect_uri, then you need to use the browser that is installed on that host. Because the browser installed e.g. on a raspberry, can access local resources on that same raspberry via localhost.
  2. But normally if you access your flow editor via https://my_rpi_name:1880/some_path, then the redirect uri should be https://my_rpi_name:1880/dropbox /authenticate

Am I correct that there is only a problem for Node-RED systems that fulfill the following 2 conditions:

  1. The system is not accessible via localhost, because there is no browser installed on that host.
  2. And SSL is not enabled (via the Node-RED settings.js file.

Because dropbox requires https, unless you use localhost.

Not sure if there is anything I could do about that, to be honest...

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