Reusing set-cookie from response headers in HTTP request

Yes, and for other flows I've always used a change node like in: Reusing set-cookie from response headers in HTTP request - #19 by josechu

And it works for other flows... thats why I suspect around the cookie thing, because the login I though was good :frowning_face:

Is this not the right way to send that raw info from the curl?

I haven't fixed this yet :frowning_face: , but thanks for all tour help @bakman2 , what I'm trying to do now is doing all of this but instead of simulating curl requests copied from web site now I've installed the iOS app version (of this web app) in my macos, inspected the calls with a proxy for the calls, and found that the calls from the iOS app are different than the web site... better built, and with a token that seems to not expire :), so i'm reusing the token of the iOS app calls from nod-red and everything works fine, and as answers come in nice JSON format os easier to play with it :slight_smile:
I'll come back to this thread in case I manage to fix this, but at least I have it working via other way.

I mark as solution your last proposal to reuse set-cookie, as that was the main intention of this thread :wink:

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