Sending multiple modbus data values to SQL Server (Azure) in one stored procedure


I have been running this code since last two weeks and it is perfectly working fine.

Thanks for all your support!!!!!

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That's great news.

Can I ask, are you using both stored procedures and queries?

And lastly, at a guess, how many operations do you think it may have done?

Thanks for the feedback.

hi Steve,

how to include timestamp to the queries values and store in mysql DB on real time


Welcome to the forum @Energycharges.
You may not have noticed, but this thread is about MSSQL, not MySQL. I suggest you start a new thread for the question (however, before you do that, note that it is possible to define a timestamp field in mysql that defaults to the current time so if that is what you want then you don't actually need to worry about the timestamp at all).

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