SEPIA Open Assistant - Privacy respecting, self-hosted voice-control

Hello @sepia-assistant and welcome to the node-red forum. I think we‘ve met before on the openhab forum :wave:.
A good place to post your news would be this thread:

A few questions i have :see_no_evil::

  • What do you use as a wake word (precise, porcupine, snowboy?) and stt (kaldi, deepspeech, pocket sphinx?) components because i think thats one of the most interesting things for this community to know? I see its kaldi and porcupine, or are there options? Which languages do you offer?

  • Do you offer custom wakewords?

  • Do you train your own domain specific language model for the framework you use to improve offline performance and accuracy?

  • does it work completely offline?

  • Do you offer built in slots for easy creation of things like timer intents or weather intents and what kind of nlu do you use for intent parsing

  • Do you include a offline tts component that can be triggered via mqtt?

  • do you have a setup for things like hotword coalescing for a setup with multiple satellites and a base throughout a house that overlap?

Welcome to the node-red community and good to see you here, Johannes

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