Simulating Multiuser Environment



What are possible approaches used with the current software architecture for simulating multi user environment for both dashboard and flow editor?

Thank yo in advance!

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Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat


What do you mean by simulating it? That could mean lots of different things so its hard to give an answer given the dashboard is not a multiuser environment.


For example,

  1. Each user having their own node-red instance with configured admin settings, similar to FRED but open source and which could be done dynamically?

I found redzilla but isn't working as expected!

  1. Or some form of flow or recommendation to simulate a case where there are multiple users where each should have their own flow and dashboard which can be sclaed up/down dynamically?

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Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat



Any suggestions or any leads to a fork that does so?

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Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat


Would a composite docker application not be an option where you have multiple node-red containers? So you have multiple node-red instances and each instance has its own dashboard.


How do I get more than one instance?


Hi Janvda,

Sure that is a possible option but currently I don't find a solution which implements in a way that instances can be grown dynamically and yet it is working fine, can you point me to anything available!

The following two options are interesting:

  1., this helps you create you n number of new node-red instances but I don't find the node-red environment working fine in this case.
  2. This one is not working at all for me.

In case you have something to share, or you get up and running with them. It would be interesting to know the details.

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Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat


FYI here an example of composite docker application running 2 node-red instances on a raspberry pi:

Just some questions:

  1. How dynamic should it be ?
  2. Why do you want it to be dynamic ? What is the purpose ? (Is it for a class ?)
  3. What are the number of instances you (maximally) need ?
  4. On what hardware do you want it to run ?


Hi @janvda,

Thanks for an update, currently I am following the same approach but what I meant was to grow the instances of node-red as per required.

  1. Can go up to n Node-RED instances
  2. Simulating Multi user environment.
  3. N
  4. No specific hardware, want to provide it as a web application!


Funny response :grinning:

I think you need to share a bit more about the context of your request.
Having a "multi user web application" is one thing, having also a multi user node-RED flow editor is quite a different thing. I would think that the latter can only be addressed by having multiple node-RED instances.


Since the start, we use Docker to run flows as separate containers. Soring Docker files, flows and settings.json in a Github. Add the pipeline of your liking, and you would have the "multiuser" experience.


The second link does not work for me either.
I can clone the repo but build the docker image is not working.
When I type in: docker build -t docker-node-red .
the error message is: bash: docker: Command not found


Have you installed docker?


Now I installed Docker :smiley:

now when i typed in. sudo docker build -t docker-node-red .
this errors arrives:


I am not sure where you docker build command comes from.
Have you checked ?

Note also that this forum topic is not specifically about deploying node-red in docker.
So if you have problems with that I think it is best to open a new topic in the node-red forum where you can detail your error.


My Dockerfile looks like this:

FROM nodered/node-red-docker:v8
RUN npm install node-red-node-mongodb && npm audit fix
COPY settings.js /data/settings.js
COPY flows.json /data/flows.json


@ziggemannen please report your problem under a new forum topic.


Did you find any solution. i have same requirement.
And how do you implement this using redzilla? any leads.


HI @sam,

I am still trying to find a good solution.

Thank you in advance!

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Muhammad Rohan Ali Asmat


what are the ways did you find or you assume that can make a multiuser node-red. @RohanAsmat