SQLite Error: UNIQUE constraint failed

I think it would do you a great deal of good to take an sqlite tutorial. That way you could learn how to answer your question yourself.

This forum supports Node-RED and is not a "Teach me how to use Sqlite or MySQL or how do I code JavaScript. there are plenty of places to learn those basics.

In NR you define the SQLITE database when you configure the sqlite node. You can add as many tables as you want to one database. So, off hand, I can't think of a way to tell how many databases you have created except to look at all the sqlite nodes you have in your flows.

Thank you zenofmud for your help.
You are right , i can ask the question about NR here. I create database and table in NR according to 2 tutorials. one was with random function and i could do it correctly. in my project with csv file i did to create DB as well as those tutorials but i got errors. I can not understand how works my random projekt and DB of it but my new DB plays just with me. i am confused for this reson i wrote my question here.
tnx a lot an have a nice day.