Telegram receiver stops working

Similar issue here: I have an actual NodeRed and Telegram Node installed about 3 months ago at a raspberry pi. Everything works ok, but after - lets say - a day the receiver stops working.

I have only one receiver and one sender in all of my flows, and while the receiver fails, the sender is still ok. No syslog error messages. Any ideas?

[I've moved this to a new thread since the other one was 2 years old]

What do you see in telegram?
Do you see that it is in fact sending messages?
How is it sending them?

Have a look at this thread Telegram receiver receives only messages starting with / - #3 by loeten

It works so, that I send this messages (commands) that are then interpreted and answered.

In Telegram on my mobile I see 2 marks like "read/received" (always). It is a group with the bot and me.

Then the raspberry receives it does actions and sends me a confirmation back. I also have some notifications, that it sends to me on a time-based schedule, without me sending a command. The time-based always works (so I know that the Telegram sender works) but the confirmation and the action stops after some time ( half day, a day or so)
Yes I am sending the messages, let me say "/?" that is interpreted as a command.

That was my thread and just a misunderstanding. I generally send commands with a starting "/" now

Which telegram node are you using?

I use the "Telegram receiver" not the "Command" anymore, because I suspected confusion by so many receivers, Now it is just one left and a "switch node" after it. Is that what you mean?

Nope which node did you install node-red-contrib-?????

It is node-red-contrib-telegrambot 8.6.4.
Updated just now to 8.9.6 - lets see what happens..

Still working so far. :slight_smile:

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