TimeDate to Filename

Sorry i'm totally new to Node-Red. I find hundreds of topics to put the date/time into the file and append the file with every new protocol, but i need separate files.

How can i create a file with the date and time in the name.

I`ve got an lab-instrument which sends a protocol via serial port after each processing cycle.
Serial-in (node-red-node-serialport) is connected to write-file. That work so far, but how can i get a Filename with Date and Time in it to create a separate file for each protocol.

Have you tried searching the forum

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I`ve searched the forum and on google. But so far i find topics how to get a timestamp in the msg.payload or how to extract it from the the payload...

But i don't want to mess with the payload that's all fine as it is, i just need a separate unique filename for every protocol-event.

I think the link that @E1cid provided with his rhetorical question could help. :grinning:


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