Ui-leds grey after update

I would just like to point out, my app has been running perfectly since the previous update(that fixed a display bug) of the LED node, it was not until I updated to NR v1.3.5 did I observe the recent behavior. Im using latest ui-led version and NR installed with script.

Yeah, I understand that but something is causing the issue and to fix it you have to know what is causing it.

Can you make a small version of the flow and reproduce the results" If so please provide that flow so I can test it.

Occasionally when I'm adding new i2c devices.... the i2c bus will get messed up and I don't receive messages from a couple of discrete io boards.... (full powerdown reboots always fix the issues) I use the contrib-ui-led node to show that status of several inputs on those io boards..... when I loose the i2c comms I'll see those LEDs go grey. So that's the behavior when it's not receiving a good value.