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Hello everyone,

I am using Hugobox's virtual keyboard flow for a home application.
I've made a pop-up dialog node that asks for a password to change a tab, but it works every other click on the screen.
For example : for a text input node it works perfectly, but in my case whenever i click the text input in the pop up dialog, it shows the keyboard once, i enter the password, then i need to click a random button for it to show again. I think it's an issue with what makes node detect a text input.

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance!

I think what happens is that the keyboard only shows when it detects an input field that receives focus, if your input field still has focus, then it won't redetect. You could change the script so that after you validate the password, the input field automatically loses focus, look at the javascript blur method : HTML DOM Element blur() Method

@hugobox Hello, I am trying to use the virtual keyboard for numeric inputs and realized that I can only enter integer values. There is no decimal point. How hard would it be to add a decimal point in order to be able to enter float values?

Thank you.

I'll take a look but not before 10 days as I'm going on vacation tomorrow.

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