Why does ui-chart send an output on deploy?

Excellent, thanks.

Hopefully the changes @dceejay has made will clear up some of the 'extra' msgs in my tests

Start NR pointing at a new flow

  1. open dashboard.
  2. open debug in sidebar, then open it in a new window (button bottom right)
  3. open a new browser window and open the UI (example http://localhost:1880/ui)
  • ignore warning message in debug
  1. add an inject, chart, and debug node
    • set chart to use the default group and tab
    • connect chart => debug
    • set debug to display complete msg object
  2. deploy - debug shows (2) empty msg
  3. connect inject to chart and deploy - debug shows (4) empty msg
  4. remove the inject to chart wire and deploy - debug shows (4) empty msg

feel free to try it...

cd ~/.node-red
npm i node-red/node-red-dashboard

restart, flush browser, etc

That works great, none of my test cases show an empty msg occurring :+1:

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