Writing data to Indluxdb batch node

The node will do that. Have you looked at the docs? The second example looks very like what you are doing. node-red-contrib-buffer-parser (node) - Node-RED

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thank you so much . that looks just right . ill give it a go and let you know how it comes out. still learning here . much app

When you want to add the device identifier then presumably you will want that as a tag rather than a field, in which case you will have to use the alternative payload format for the influx node as described in the help pane. So you will want an array containing the fields object and the tags object, something like

  ACIN1: 220.799,
  IIN1: 3.7999,
  device_id: "some_identifier"

I think you will have to do that in a Change or Function node after the buffer parser.

Colin you are my hero . 30 min and working. thank you ive just gone from 145 nodes to 8 nodes and it is working just the way i want . i owe you one. sorry for the late reply the forum blocked me after 23 messages.

I think your thanks should be addressed to the buffer parser author, @Steve-Mcl

Thanks for the kudos Colin.

I see you had to try 3 times to convince PAT

I see that often. Users are like "I dont understand how to use it" so go off and add hundred's of functions or large function code to parse each element manually.

Just happy that it helps.

Thanks steve your node is excellent . i am a native assembler programmer so im used to doing things the hard way. loving node red !!!! I am now looking for a way to configure the modbus read node dynamically . Ie enter the nodes ip address and station number form a node red ui . i see allot of people have tried this but with not much success . any ideas where i could start ?

You could fork the modbus nodes and add that functionality. It would be a good excessive in node-red node development. Hopefully, the author would accept your work as a PR & it would benefit all those who have been looking for a solution.

Alternatively, you could DIY it. Import one of the modbus libs into a function node.

thank you ill look into it. it would be a great asset for people to be able to configure the device by them selves and not have access to the nodes / scource of the project. still trying to wrap my head around the language. i thank you again

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