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Feature request: rename a project (1)
Editor Feature Request - Flow List Quick Navigation (11)
Flow control (or debug window control) - feature request (12)
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Display debug node data only in "active flow tab" (6)
Vertical flow view (9)
Code editor view and node explorer for faster development (5)
Websocket & cookie (4)
Raw input for functions (1)
MongoDB node improvements (4)
MysqlDBNode reuses the same connection for all access (3)
Export menu disabled (3)
Shared subflow context (12)
Select Custom Colors for Wires? (4)
UI - Search current flow only (1)
Red HttpRequest node status in case of code 4xx and 5xx (6)
Digest authentication support in HttpRequest node (3)
Linear gauge as another gauge option (15)
Version control (5)
Show/Hide node palette (9)
Node-RED Dashboard search command request (3)
Installed node names in exported flow and info panel ( 2 ) (31)
Basic drawing tools in NR editor (12)
Switch with undefined property? (5)
UX Improvement: Flow Delete (3)
Global listener node (7)
Start Node-RED with stopped flows (6)
About sub floats etc. / feature (10)
Add `package-lock.json` to the node-red repo (2)