2 digit 7 segment display

Hello all,
First off I'm a newcomer to node red and so far I love it. Still learning but operating on a basic level so far.
I'm trying to output temperature to a 2 digit 7 segment display. I've found a node (7 segment decoder) which controlled each segment of the 7 segments individually, However this is only for a single 7 segment display!

I have a 2 digit seven segment but can't find any nodes to drive a 2 digit seven segment.

I've worked out how to interface with a BCD to the 7 segment (to reduce GPIO's used) and setup a 2 x diodes to drive to ground (common cathode display) to enable either the 1st of 2nd digit of the display but I simply don't have the code behind it.

any help is appericated...but please keep the language simple as I'm just learning.

thanks in advance.

Thought I'd post the 7 segment decoded I do have:

var on = { payload: 1 };
var off = { payload: 0 };

if (msg.payload == 1) {
return [ on, off, off, off, on, on ];
} else if (msg.payload == 2) {
return [ off, on, off, off, on,off ];
} else if (msg.payload == 3) {
return [ on, on, off, off,on ];
} else if (msg.payload == 4) {
return [ off, off, on, off,on ];
} else if (msg.payload == 5) {
return [ on, off, on, off,on ];
} else if (msg.payload == 6) {
return [ off, on, on, off,on ];
} else if (msg.payload == 7) {
return [ on, on, on, off,on ];
} else if (msg.payload == 8) {
return [ off, off, off, on,on];
} else if (msg.payload == 9) {
return [ on, off, off, on,on ];

} else if (msg.payload == 0) {
return [ off, off, off, off,on];

I don't use the Arduino node or any Arduino's, so i will need more info to help you.
Are the 7 segment displays on different pins?
If so how does the Arduino node determine which pin to target?

I didn't see any mention of Arduino in the question.

My mistake i looked at the 7 segment flow and saw Arduino.

I would then need to see what node you are using to connect to BCD.

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