4 digiLED Display TM1637 to GPIO

Hello everybody.
I would like to expand my control from the terrarium with two 7 segment displays TM1637.
The temperature should be on one side and the humidity on the other.

Both values ​​are already in Node Red via FHEM and Mosquitto.
Node Red offers the possibility to control GPIO directly.

Can someone possibly tell me how I can send these values ​​to the displays or know how to do this?
Unfortunately, I have not found anything here in the forum or on the Internet.

The goal is to send the value of mqtt to the two GPIOs.
FHEM mqtt and Node Red are set up on the same PI3 b + that is to be controlled.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

You are going to have to do a little work on this. My initial advice would be to find a python library to drive the TM1637 and then output the values to the library with the exec node, or have a look at some of the python nodes.

Have a look here:

I'm certain you can do this without having to resort to exec nodes.

Node-red has some i2c nodes and there is already people controlling these via nodejs


Worst case, you could include a reference to "johnny-five" in settings.js and do this in a function node.

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Sorry, I'm an absolute beginner.

I do not understand both variants.
Does anyone know a step by step guide or a picture of the flow with a function.

There is a lot on the Internet about TM1637, just not connecting Pi and Node Red GPIO.

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