8-channel switch and tasmota

I have node-red-contrib-tasmota running on a WEMOS D1 mini. It is wired to an 8-channel relay board. My tasmota switch mode is set to 8 channels, but I can't figure out how to communicate with each channel. All my attempts only trigger channel 1. How do I move between them?

Many thanks.


I don't use or know the node-red-contrib-tasmota node, however its very easy to send a command direct to you Tasmota device over mqtt

In the Mqtt out node enter for the topic: cmnd/YourWemosTopic/power8

Send the payload ON to switch output 8 to on.

I don't use that node either as its easy enough to talk to Tasmota directly.

I have to ask though, did you setup the D1 Mini configuration to correctly switch all the relays and does this work via the buttons on the local web interface ?

Thank you so much. Works like a charm!

Yes, thank you. Everything is working fine now - using just MQTT without the tasmota node.

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