A Layout that i need


Hi I want a ui laout like this:

how can I design this using dashboard or template node?


You have to manually set the widths of the groups you need to suit/fit your screen
see https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-dashboard#layout
I would start by leaving the first group as 6 wide then change the second to see what sizes fits - may 14 or 18 or... you will have to figure it out.


it works only if i keep browser in maximized.if i change browser size the second group moves to the down of first group. is there a way to keep it orgenised in all situations?(something like i tell dashboard to give first group 30% of screen and to the second one 70%)?


No, this dashboard is based on a fixed grid. Other options like ui-builder allow you to create a dashboard with whatever flexibility you wish as you can use whatever building tools or library you wish.


thanks for the reply.
is this possible to use dashboarditems in the ui-builder?


no - that is the downside... you have total control and have to totally build it yourself.


thanks for reply.
but my problem is that i need to show worldmap in the main area. and i want to use
node-red-contrib-web-worldmap beacause it is easy to use and ready for send/receive messages.
is there a way to use this node inside uibuilder?


you should be able to use an iframe