A simple motion -> lights

In place of TL;DR; :slightly_smiling_face:

Right now I am living not at home. My home with above 120 devices and cool HA now is occupied territory. :frowning:
I am living in my friend's apartment and from the boredom I'm building him a small HA here.
So, let me introduce a small node for "motion light" action.

This node can help you a simple automation with lights in your house / room.
Just drop on the flow motion-light node and configure behavior by profile
current version support only three parameters:

    "lux": 1,
    "brightness": 50,
    "timeout": 10

lux - min lux for lighting (opt)
brightness - if you use dimmer - that value for you =)
timeout - how many times the node should be waiting another "on" motion before sending "off" command

You can pass lux value by external entity and mark this event via motion-light-event node
Also, you can prevent "on" by mark motion-light-event as "exclude" event.
For example, you wouldn't be lighting "night lamp" if basic / main lighting already on.

See example for more details.



WBR, 10der


That looks pretty cool! :smiley:

I wish you good luck recovering your home someday :cry: