About node-red memory handling

I have a question about memory handling.
Assuming we have a node that uses a lot of memory (through msg.payload object), when will the memory be cleared and by who? Would the used memory be cleared after the node is completed or flow is completed?

This might get you started:


Thanks for providing the guide.
Does Node-RED have a mechanism to limit, extend, monitor memory usage on top of Node.js?
For example, if I want to understand which node in my flow use-up most of memory, or if I want to check memory leak, is there a good practice to do so?

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HI @fangzhu

Node-RED doesn't provide anything above what is provided by the base Node.js runtime. There is no easy way for us to say "Node A is using X amount of memory".

With regard diagnosing Memory Leaks, I don't have any specific tips for you. It's an area I've not played with a huge amount. There certainly are tools out there that can help. For example, Clinic.js from Nearform looks very interesting - https://clinicjs.org/ - but I've not had a chance to play with it yet.


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