Accessing Flow Information From Custom Node


I am trying to get the Flow Info within my custom node on input event as follows:

this.on('input', function (msg, nodeSend, nodeDone) {
   + " processing start");
            node.start_time =;
            console.debug("Capturing active flow details - begin");
            const activeWorkspaceId =;
            node.activeflow = RED.nodes.workspace(activeWorkspaceId);
            if (!node.activeflow) {
                // this is probably a subflow
                node.activeSubflow = RED.nodes.subflow(activeWorkspaceId);
            } else {

However I am getting error as follows:

%s - %s 30 Jun 12:07:12 [error] TypeError: Cannot read property 'active' of undefined

Kindly help with this issue.

Regards is part of the editor, i.e. you run on the client-side.

this.on('input') however takes place on the server-side. Luckily your custom node keeps track of where it belongs. node._flow should contain everything you're looking for.

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What problem are you actually trying to solve here?

Nodes shouldn't care where the input comes from or behave differently depending where they are.

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