Add Authentification via middleware



I want to add a Authentification system for the Node-RED Dashboard via middleware.

I'm a beginner with node-red, can anyone give me any tips or knows how to do it?


Please don't post to the forum and the slack channel its the same people who generally answer on both.

You can enable basic authentication as described in the docs


ok, sorry
I do not want the basic authentication. i would like to have a session based authentication so that multiple people can access the dashboard with different users and rights at the same time


The dashboard has no concept of individual users. Every person loading the dashboard has the same level of access and sees the same things.

The custom middleware route involves embedding Node-RED into your own node.js app, and adding your own custom middleware to the httpNode app - - that middleware would attach to all HTTP requests to your node-red instance (excluding the editor/admin side).

You would need to be fairly familiar with node.js/express/middleware to get that working; it isn't something we have an example of to share.


ok i will try it or is there any other way to get an authentification?