Add msg.payload to an Payload in a Function Node

Hello Guys

i have an Function Node :

msg.payload = "export DISPLAY=:0 && /usr/bin/chromium {msg.payload} --start-fullscreen --kiosk"
return msg;

and at the Point {msg.payload} i wanne add the payload that comes in the Function Node

In the Picture Below is the input that should apear at {msg.payload} .
I want to send website links from my phone via Telegram direct to my Chromium Browser on my Linux Pc

Thx for Help

msg.payload = "export DISPLAY=:0 && /usr/bin/chromium " + msg.payload + " --start-fullscreen --kiosk"
return msg;
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msg.payload = `export DISPLAY=:0 && /usr/bin/chromium ${msg.payload} --start-fullscreen --kiosk`
return msg;
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