Adding conditions to a flow


I've set up a few flows to control my heating system but I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to set conditions on some of them.
I've created some switch entity nodes that I'm using to set the various states of the house (whether the dog is home alone, whether I want my TRV states to control my heating etc) which is fine for the flow they're a part of. I've also founf that some nodes (eg the trigger:state node) have their own section for including conditions so I can add the switch state or anything else as a condition to continue the rest of the flow.

I have some flows based on the alarms on my phone though and I want to control them all via one switch, but I can't find any way to easily put an existing switch state in the middle of a flow to stop it based on whether the switch is on or off.

Obviously I could create another HA entity switch node, but I want them all to be controlled via one switch.

I'm sure this is really simple and I'm just being stupid, but is there a node for this?

Welcome to the forum Will!

So if I understand, one way you could do this is to have the switch node test a flow or global variable that other flows would set to ‘on’ or ‘off’ and if it is ‘on’ pass the msg thru and if it is ‘off’ the msg won’t get thru stopping the flow

Hello, thank you for the response.

I thought the switch node would have helped but I couldn't figure out how to make it check the state of another entity, I'll have to look into that some time.

In the end I found that the current state node was able to do what I wanted. I assumed it would output every time the state of the entity I had it monitoring changed state but it doesn't, it only checks the state of the entity when the input is triggered which is exactly what I needed.

Thanks again.

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