Adding items to opc-ua server contrib-opcua

Hi all,

we installed counters for compressed-air-usage here in our factory, after getting their values into nodered,
now i want to make their values available for third party software by opc-ua.

I set up a OPC-UA server using contrib opc-ua. Now i am having trouble to add items/variables to the server.

this is what my flow looks like:

Item Node:



Available tree in third party software:


Are there additonal things in my flow needed to have the variables appear in the tree?
Maybe somebody can provide a sample flow, where variables are added to the OPC-server.
Server connection works fine.

Look examples folder and file OPCUA-TEST-NODES.json
It contains multiple examples and also addFolder and addVariable commands.

You meant the examples section in the nodered GUI? OPCUA doesn´t appear there for me.
Would you be so kind and copy paste a flow here for me?

Edit: Found it on your github :slight_smile:

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After some playing around I was able to create a folder on the OPCUA-Server and store variables/values there. So first progress :smiley: Now I am curious about the servers behaviour in case of powerloss/ nodered crash.
I adressed the variables by their indentifiers after creating them on serverside.


Are these identifiers persistent after being created once or am I going to run into trouble?
Because I tried restarting the server and saw that it initially came back "empty", and all folders and variables had to be set again?